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What is Witchcraft?

What is Witchcraft?
It is generally accepted that a witch is someone who practises magic or sorcery; however, the meaning of the word 'witch' has changed through history.

In the medieval period, the term 'witch' had almost entirely negative connotations. Later the expression 'White Witch' was used to describe someone who practised good magic.

Village wise women and 'cunning folk' used magic to curse and cure.

A good number of them made a living as therapists and healers and were an important part of village life. Some made money from lifting or banishing curses.

Traditional witchcraft is still around but very hard to find.

Wicca or modern witchcraft is a practise based on religion and lifestyle. Practitioners celebrate the changing cycles or nature with the eight major festivals of the year - The SABBATS as well as full moons - ESBATS.