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Wand Blessing

Blessing Ritual
Materials: White candle, Sandalwood incense, Small dish of water, Salt
Set aside some time on the night of the next Full Moon to bless the wand.
While sitting comfortably on the floor with the materials and wand in front of you, light the candle and incense. Breathe in deeply through your nose while visualizing the grounding energy of the Earth filling your body. Then exhale fully through your mouth, expelling all negative energy. Repeat this process until you feel completely at ease and relaxed.
Pass the wand through the incense smoke and say:

With scented Air so light and free
I give you breath now. Blessed Be!

Being careful not to burn yourself, or catch the wand on fire, pass them quickly through the candle flame and say:

With fire that dances wild and free
I give you passion. Blessed Be!

Lightly sprinkle the wand with water and say:

With water so pure, I give to Thee
The blood of Life now. Blessed be!

Sprinkle the wand with a bit of salt and say:

With the salt of the Earth, I give to Thee
Roots in magic. Blessed Be!

Then hold the wand close to your heart and lovingly caress it with your fingers. Say:

I am yours and you are mine -
From now until the end of time
I give you Life now willingly
As I will, so mote it be!

Tool Consecration Ritual
After the wand is blessed, it is time to consecrate it. Take the wand outdoors if possible, and hold it up to the Moon. Then invoke the Lord and Lady by saying something like:
Lord and Lady, hear my plea
Please be present here with me
As I dedicate this wand to You
And to Your work _ both old and new
Lend Your power and Your might
Infuse them with Your love and light
Bless this wand I offer Thee
As I will, so mote it be
The wand is now ready for magical use. Place the wand back in its box as an insulative measure against the vibrations of others, and store away until you are ready to use it. littlewitches_1.jpg

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