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The Magic Wand Shop

Down the cobble-stoned alleyway, tucked in the corner away from the glare of the gas-light, lies The Magic Wand Shop. Few know of its existence. Normal human beings are certainly always in too much of a hurry to notice it. Only magical folk - witches, wizards, conjurors and those who believe in magic - have the time and the intuition to find the shop and discover its wares! You managed to find us. That must mean that you have at least some magic in your blood! littlewitches_1.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: All of our magic wands are handcrafted from wood in England. Don't be fooled into purchasing a "replica" wand made from plastic or "resin" (a polite word for plastic) at twice the price! Our wands are the best & most authentic young wizard wands available.