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Ordering from the USA?

"I just got my wand and it is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't have wanted anything better! Thank you so much for your quick shipping all the way to the United States - I am impressed." - Edie Van Winkle, Simi Valley, California.

Did you know???

Did you know that the majority of US based on-line wand retailers do not make their own wands? Did you know that they import them by the container load from India? That's right! Not quite as "handcrafted by their master wandmakers" as they'd like you to believe! Here at the Magic Wand Shop, our wands are guaranteed handcrafted in England by real master wandmakers. Our presentation boxes are also handmade in England. That's what makes the difference.


Do you ship your items to the USA?

Yes we do. In fact around 50% of all our customers are in the USA. Just order your items in the normal way. However due to weight and size restrictions, some of our items may not be available to USA customers. These items will be clearly marked as such in the product description.

This applies to ALL orders outside of the UK. We ship world-wide and you don't have to do anything special when ordering!

What's the US Dollar price of your wands?

£1 roughly equals $1.75. Therefore a wand costing £14.50 would cost $24. Shipping at £4.50 would cost $7.50. Please note that this is only a rough estimate and you should check the exchange rate on the day of ordering if you need an exact figure. The Magic Wand Shop does not set the exchange rate! Nor do we profit from a high or low exchange rate. The credit card company pays us the same amount however high or low the exchange rate may be!

If you order online via this web site using a credit card, the credit card company will do all the math for you! Phew!

Please note that we only accept credit card payment for all orders from overseas. I can also send you a paypal invoice if you prefer. (request an invoice from me and I will send it direct to your email address). Please do not send personal checks, money orders etc. from overseas - we are unable to process them.

Do you have a shop that I can visit while I'm in the UK?

Unfortunately not. The Magic Wand Shop exists only on the Internet and in all our imaginations!

How long will my order take to reach me in the USA?

All of our orders are generally dispatched within two working days of being received. Once dispatched an order will generally take around one week to get from the UK to the US via Air Mail. Faster shipping options are available at a price - please email in the first instance to check cost and availability.

We hope the above has served to answer any questions you might have regarding orders from the USA. However if you have any further queries, please drop us an email and we will endevour to help. littlewitches_1.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: All of our magic wands are handcrafted from wood in England. Don't be fooled into purchasing a "replica" wand made from plastic or "resin" (a polite word for plastic) at twice the price! Our wands are the best & most authentic young wizard wands available.