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Mildred Hubble

Mildred Hubble, the hero of the Worst Witch series of books, was a clumsy little witch-in-training who never seems to get anything right at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. She's tall with long, dark braids, and can't quite seem to tie up her bootlaces.

Mildred doesn't come from a witch family like the other girls, but earns a scholarship to Cackle's Academy by writing an unbelievably creative essay. Although her maths and sciences leave something to be desired, she's smart and channels her creative energy into her quest of becoming a witch.

She means well and tries very hard, but she's adventurous and impulsive, which often gets her into trouble with certain people - most notably the teachers!

After several years at Miss Cackle's Academy, she has now gone to University, training at Weirdsister's College in Oxford.

The Worst Witch is a series of best-selling books by Jill Murphy, originally published in the 1970's. The books have also been made into a TV series & film. littlewitches_1.jpg

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