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Magic Testimonials

Some feedback we have received over the centuries:

..."When I discovered your shop on the Internet, it was a dream come true for my friend and I. You have brought reality to our dreams!"
- Neil Tinsley, Lincolnshire, UK.

..."I received my FANTASTIC wizard's wand today, beautifully boxed, & delivered early, by my faithful Snowy Owl. The wand is so perfectly made, I am truly amazed. The box it came in was stunning. Your attention to detail has increased the whole experience, tenfold. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful item."
Mary White, Swansea, UK.

..."I was most pleased with my wand and have housed it upon appropriate display within my office at home, which allows my visiting collegues and students to admire and pass very favourable remarks."
- Professor R. C. O'Connell, Maidstone, UK.

..."I'm simply over the moon with my wand!"
- Jaqui Simmons, Ohio, USA.

..."My wand has arrived - I have just picked it up from the Post Office....FANTASTIC!!! It is very well presented and nice to look at!"
- Nigel Shaw, Oldham, UK.

..."The wand came today, and it is absoloutely brilliant! I can't thank you enough. Hope to do more business with you in the future, as it has been a pleasure."
-Maria Flower, London, UK.

..."Thank you for posting the wand I ordered over the phone. It arrived today safe and sound, waiting to be wraped up for the little wizards 8th birthday next week! Thanks again."
-Sharon Crosswaite, Brighouse, UK.

..."We have seriously studied the wands on
several web sites and on eBay. Yours are the best!"
- Laura Savage, Thomasville, USA.

..."Just placed my order...and I really appreciate your lovely sense of humor! 'Wingardiem Levi-O-sa!' Thank you! You have certainly lifted my spirits!"
- Sherri Evans, Coral Springs FL, USA.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I love the magic wands so much I just have to tell you, I have recently got one and the quality of this wand is amazing, so smooth, gentle and powerful, all I have to say is thank you for the great magic wand.
From one of the best Wizards
Paul Holland

Dear Magic Wand Shop
We purchased a wand for our son, he was absolutely over-joyed when he received it. The quality is outstanding, they certainly have the wow factor.
Happy Spell Casting.
From a very satisfied customer.

We are delighted to be endorsed by LOKI

Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year 2003!

PLEASE NOTE: All of our magic wands are handcrafted from wood in England. Don't be fooled into purchasing a "replica" wand made from plastic or "resin" (a polite word for plastic) at twice the price! Our wands are the best & most authentic young wizard wands available.