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Musicians Laser Crystal Block
Musicians Laser Crystal Block
Price: £9.99 RRP: £14.95 - you save £4.96! Ex VAT: £9.99
A Lovely Laser Crystal Block



When I first set eyes on these stunning crystals, I instantly fell in love with them. The quality of the laser 3-d image inside the crystal is so detailed. I can never get a photo good enough to show them off to their best.   The crystal is of crystal glass it is totally flawless and clear.

They measure 50mm x 50mm x 150mm so a nice tall block, making a lovely feature. A wonderful gift for anyone who loves music... and could make a nice trophy, as these lovely items are sold in their own quality presentation box.

They look superb on any mantle piece, wonderful in a light position, but they are quite enchanting if placed on a light box... I haven't got any light boxes available at the moment, but I am sure you can find them elsewhere on this site. They are heavy items, hence the postage.

I do have more great items available in my shop, so please take a look around.