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Ginny Replica Witches Magic Wand IN STOCK

Ginny Replica Witches Magic Wand IN STOCK
Price: £19.99
Ginny's wand replica Witches Magic Wand

A replica wand of one of our most loved witches...

Forged in the magical fires of the Sheaf Field hamlet, the master wand-making elves have truly surpased themselves with this masterpiece. Hand crafted from beech wood, hand turned and varnished twice, it is indeed a pleasure to behold.

Warm to the touch, witches Wands will be mastered only by a young witch dedicated to a life of magic and mystery! The wand come with some basic wand exercises, printed on parchment paper. This will hopefully aid you to become a person with amazing magical skills and master your witchcraft and wizardry spells.

This limited edition Wizard Wand is approx. 14 inches long and comes complete with an extremely gorgeous feather of Peacock, presented in a silk-lined presentation box.

Hand crafted Wizard Wands - A pleasure to behold and a pleasure to use!

Gold text on box lid reads:
Purveyors of Fine Enchantments since 1485
"Magico Magnificus"
Charmed with Feather of Peacock  


All of our Wizard Wands are hand crafted in the British Isles - the home of magic!

Please Note! Our magic wands are meant as toys, collectables and props for magicians only. They will not give the user any special powers, abilities, etc! Parents may wish to refer to our FAQ's if asked any difficult questions by inquisitive young minds!

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Not suitable for children under six years of age.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our magic wands are handcrafted from wood in England. Don't be fooled into purchasing a "replica" wand made from plastic or "resin" (a polite word for plastic) at twice the price! Our wands are the best & most authentic young wizard wands available.