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Price: £9.99
Weight: 600
Tennis Player Block

3-d Laser art crystal block

A perfect gift for anyone who loves tennis.

Fine quality optical crystal blocks featuring 3-d laser engraved images of various scenes. This one being a tennis player.
They are the perfect gift, they do not devalue with age and crystal keeps its purity and splendour forever.
If you place the tennis player crystal on our LED Lightbase stand they will create an amazing gift for anyone.

Measuring 8cms in height x 5cms in width and 5cms thick. The tennis player crystal comes in its own card presentation box.

Weight approx 600g

These crystals can be engraved (not by us, sorry). They would make ideal trophies for a tennis competition tennis match prizes etc.

Bulk orders are available on request. Perfect if you run a tennis club or you are a tennis coach etc.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our magic wands are handcrafted from wood in England. Don't be fooled into purchasing a "replica" wand made from plastic or "resin" (a polite word for plastic) at twice the price! Our wands are the best & most authentic young wizard wands available.