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The Ultimate Magic Guide - Card Tricks and More

03:38 21-Jun-2018

This wonderful guide has been created by some of the children of The Children's Cancer Center in New Jersey.
By kind permission, they have allowed The Magic Wand Shop to publish it for all practicing magicians to aid their skills and knowledge.
Thank you children....

The children found further information on another link they would like to share with Magic Wand Shop viewers.

The Ultimate Magic Guide: Card Tricks and More!

Have you ever been to a magic show? If you have, it must have been a lot of fun and very exciting! While most magicians are usually adults, some tricks are so easy that even kids can do them. Magic is actually all about illusion. An illusion is something that you can see, but it tricks the brain so that we believe it is actually something else. For example, when we see a card trick, it might seem like pure magic when the magician pulls out the card you guessed from a deck. However, there are many special techniques that they use to figure out which card is yours. Learning magic can actually help us in many ways. Since it requires a lot of practice, magic forces us to become self-disciplined and makes our memories sharper. Patter, a tool that many magicians use, is simply a way of speaking to distract the audience while you work on the magic trick. Performing a magic show helps us to build our self-confidence and public speaking skills. Since several magic tricks are based on math and science, it’s a fun way for us to improve our knowledge of these areas.

Magic Card Tricks and More!