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Secret of the Dragon’s Eye is a tale of fantasy for young people, with a high-spirited dragon named Thaddeus Osbert and three adolescents who befriend him. Faced with danger and intrigue, the children band together with the dragon, to thwart a German top-secret mission, aimed at seizing the mystical and magical sword of King Arthur—Excalibur. By combining their wits, their courage, and their imagination, the children overcome many obstacles to forge friendships as solid as time itself. Yet there is a price to pay for their brave intervention against the forces of evil. Will they be willing to once again battle incredible odds to make amends? What sacrifices will be required to save their mythical, fire-breathing friend from his preordained fate? Much of the book takes place in Cornwall, at Crackington Haven, Boscastle, Truro and nearby Wales and Scotland as well, during World War II.

If you, or someone you know, is a fan of Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Eragon, or many fantasy series, this book would make a perfect addition to your library. The Secret Dragon Series will eventually include 6 volumes, covering the war years 1940 - 1945. These books are also suitable for teens and adults, packed with action & adventure.

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